Annual Awards Banquet

This year’s Annual Awards Banquet & Fundraiser is September 7, 2018.

Camp Courageous and the Arc of NW Ohio is seeking nominations.

Every year in September, for over 40 years, we honor those in the community that have gone above and beyond to support, advocate, and educate for those with a developmental disability.  WE NEED YOUR HELP!  If you know of someone that fits inot one of the following categories, please consider nominating them for an award.  Deadline for nomination is July 31, 2018.
Please mail your nominations to Nicole Osstifin at Camp Courageous & the Arc at 12701 Waterville Swanton Rd, Whitehouse, OH 43571, fax to 419-875-5598, or email
Here is a brief description of each award.
Outstanding Self Advocate:  This award will be given to and individual with developmental disabilities who has demonstrated a strong sense of self advocacy.  Example:  Serving on committees that advocate for people with developmental disabilities, being actively involved in governmental activities that promote advocacy for individuals/families with developmental disabilities, etc.
Outstanding Professional:   This award will be given to a professional who has demonstrated excellence in activities/work that enhances services for individuals/families with developmental disabilities.  Example:  Teachers, school administrators, social workers, medical personnel, legal personnel, etc.
Outstanding Media:  This award will be given to an individual, agency, organization that demonstrates accomplishments that promote awareness/services for persons with developmental disabilities.  Example:  Newspaper, television or radio, online media, etc.
Outstanding Philanthropist/Donor:  This award is being given to an individual, agency, foundation that has demonstrated philanthropically/financial support for individuals/families with developmental disabilities.  Example:  An individual, foundation, or agency, etc.
Outstanding Employer:  This award is being given to an employer who has provided employment and opportunities for individual(s) with developmental disabilities.   Example:  Any employer within the community.
Outstanding Community Service:  This award is being given to an individual who had demonstrated outstanding community service and has enhances lives of an individual/family dealing with developmental disabilities.  Example:  Special Olympics, volunteers, special education, direct care, etc.
Those who have been selected by the Awards Committee will then be honored on Thursday, September 27, 2018.

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