Mission: “To provide support, education, advocacy, community experiences and outdoor recreational experiences that will foster socialization, independence and a better quality of like for persons with developmental disabilities and their families.”

Since the merger of The Arc of Lucas County and Camp Courageous in 2014, the agency is now able to combine their resources and staff to provide more to those we server.  A community that does not include everyone is no community for anyone.

Comp Courageous has spent nearly 50 years fostering independence and a better quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities through outdoor activities, such as horticulture, hiking, and camping.  By mixing education, therapy, and fun, people of all ages are sure to have a great experience!  We offer Residential, Day and Weekend camping experiences.

For 55 years, The Arc of Arc of Lucas County has been helping people with developmental disabilities find meaningful places in the community.  Each year, The Arc helps more than 1,500 people in the following ways:

  • Life Skills training
  • Self Advocacy training
  • Assistance with special education issues for parents of school-age children
  • Information and mentoring to help individuals, parents and families cope with daily challenges of a life-long disability.
  • Monthly parent/caregiver meetings
  • Community resource referral

The individuals we serve have limitations in intellectual development, adaptive and social skills, and can experience difficulty in learning, social adjustment, and financial productivity. People with developmental disabilities was what we all want – a meaningful and productive life! With proper support and training, people with developmental disabilities can become productive members of their community as employees, tax-payers, volunteers, voters, ect…

Please join us as we continue to support people with developmental disabilities and their families.  Our belief is that everyone is defined by their own strengths, abilities, and inherent value – not by their disability.